We provide solutions that empower educators

We help our partners clarify goals, identify opportunities and gaps, track success, and shape and execute plans that achieve results. We bring our knowledge of practice, policy, communications and public affairs to help clients align their vision, strategies, capacity and resources to revolutionize education. 

Why choose us

Our difference lies in our approach

We improve schools through collaboration.  We partner with you.  We believe efficient and sustainable improvement paths can only be defined once we get to know the school community.  Too often we see an impractical "one size fits all" model being implemented. We work with a comprehensive and intergrated approach with embedded PD, planning sessions, evaluation surveys, curricular support and guided visitation to ensure building of capacity and sustainable change.

Measurable Results

We pride ourselves in our evidence-based approach, which provides our schools the critical data to create additional initiatives or celebrate success.  

Customized Solutions

We don't believe in a universal solution to school improvement.  We make the deliberate effort to determine the most effective actions for each school.   

Global Expertise

Having worked in several continents, with a variety of school systems and curricula, we bring global knowledge of best practices for a local solution.

Our Process

Dynamic and Ongoing

We adapt to your needs.  Based on evaluations and identified goals we continue to evolve and optimize the most effective solutions at every step.  


As progress is made, we use outcomes to guide further actions.  We work with reliable and measured data at every stage as we implement proven practices.  

Keys to Teacher Success


Teachers are like students; they need and appreciate choice.  Choice within a given framework allows teachers to determine their personal priorities.


In addition to choice, teachers need to be allowed to make modifications to make the new learning work best in their own classroom environments.  


Change in teaching practice requires embedded support.  Working with teachers shoulder to shoulder to develop their personal action plans. 


Learning communities provide teachers the opportunity to report, reflect and receive feedback from colleagues on shared initiatives. 

Our Team

Viral Parekh

Head of Professional Development

Expertise:  Curriculum Design, 21st Century Learning, Differentiation

Jason Graham

Head of Research Projects

Expertise:  STEM Education, Ethics, Higher Education

Michael Gorlovksy

Head of Talent Recruitment

Expertise:  Leadership Coaching, Assessments, Science Integration

Jaymen Chavda

Head of Resource Procurement

Expertise:  Project-Based Learning,  Technology Integration