Ways we can help your school

We help schools achieve desired student outcomes by putting in place effective, authentic and accountable support systems. 

School Evaluation / Survey

Our team of experienced educators survey your school with an on-site evaluation.  Our comprehensive protocol helps us not only identify school strengths but opportunities for improvement.  We collect evidence through a variety of constructive and objective methods.  We can help your school identify priorities and create a school improvement plan to implement.  

Resource Procurement

Great teachers are great planners.  Often we find supportive schools finding it difficult to procure the quality resources that facilitates instructional planning.  Our researchers and resource evaluators can find the right set of resources to make teacher planning efficient, but also promote student engagement and learning.

Professional Development

There is no better way to improve a school than building the capacity of its faculty.  Cookie-cutter workshops are ineffective.  We believe in embedded support, we work alongside teachers to determine effective solutions and a plan of action. Our global school consultancy background allows our team members to elevate your school’s capacity at every level of your organization.

Curriculum Design

We take a collaborative approach to curricular design.  We work with school leadership to articulate a progressive curriculum that is sure to result in the desired learner profile.  Our curricular design process involves and incorporates teachers and even student feedback.  We are well versed in creating curricular frameworks that not only adheres to local governmental standards but reach beyond to address school established initiatives.  

Pedagogy Review

How teachers deliver the curriculum is key to school and teacher efficacy.  Our pedagogy review process evaluates and aligns the teaching and learning practices so that students are able to access and achieve curricular objectives.  Our global expertise of best practices can help teachers make the necessary changes in the classroom while preserving and developing each teacher’s persona.    

Talent Recruitment 

Every organization relies heavily on the talents of its core members.  We have helped districts, schools, and education companies create core groups that can really take the organization to new heights.  We can help your school determine talent gaps, evaluate candidates and identify passionate individuals that possess the required capabilities and share the core culture of the organization.  

How we work

Embedded Support

We work hand in hand with teachers as we enhance teaching and learning practices.  Our presence ensures accountability and provides the support needed for teacher success.    


We don’t bring preconceived notions or bias to the table.  We ensure school improvement choices and pathways are based on carefully collected data.

Customized Solutions

We take the time to know the school community and its objectives in great detail.  We apply our global expertise and knowledge to create apt local solutions.

Sustained Change

Our solutions are not short lived.  We build capacity within each school community, making sure that the school members are executing their own improvement initiatives.  

Supporting Integrated Approaches to Learning

STEM/ STEAM is an integrated structure where students explore across subjects and fuse skills they acquire through a variety of disciplines.  This type of learning environment allows students to acquire transdisciplinary skills which will prove to be critical when they become part of our society’s workforce.    Student engagement is heightened, when students are able to apply their learning outside of single-subject boundaries.  STEM is much more than gadgets and technological infrastructure, it is in fact rooted in educators blurring the subject lines and allowing students to acquire transdisciplinary skills through interdisciplinary approaches. 

We can help your school start or enhance your ongoing STEM/STEAM programs with our expertise and leadership.  We partner with you to establish a program that aligns to your curricular objectives.  

Project Based Learning, Problem Based Learning, or Inquiry Based Learning the intention is the same: Having students make their learning relevant and purposeful.  Student engagement demands that learning has relevance and important applications in the socieities that they are members of.  In our work with many schools, we have helped teachers go beyond trivial connections and create a framework of learning that is rigorous, relevant, and rewarding for all students.  It is only through such authentic experiences that students can begin to love and appreciate the process of learning and creating.   

Let us help your students reach the depths of Project Based Learning so they love learning and perform with purpose.  

There is a significant shift in what learners need in order to be successful in the real world.  Students are now required to acquire 21st century skills above and beyond subject knowledge.  Skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication are no longer luxury objectives, they are at the heart of a 21st Century student profile. 21st Century learning is much more than just identifying and superficially incorporating these essential skills.  Educators must ensure students are able to acquire, transfer, and apply these critical skills.  Schools must create support systems that align their practices to meet these objectives.  

We can help your school progress into a true 21st Century School that has redefined curricular objectives, revolutionized their pedagogy, and created an assessment framework that monitors the development of these success skills in every student.    

Have your students assessed for 21st Century Core Competencies 

*Now offering high schools a complimentary pre-assessment of 21st Century Core Competencies.  Create a benchmark profile of your students in terms of 21st century skills.